September 25, 2013

The Cinderella Costume Comparison

Instead of focusing on all the outfits in one version, I decided I would compare the same costumes from four different versions. There will be a photo of each dress and I'll share below what I think of each one. There are three different comparisons and I would had done a few more, but it's really hard to find photos of the older versions so there are only three comparisons below. 

All of the images will be in chronological order:
-1957 TV version with Julie Andrews
-1956 TV version with Lesley Ann Warren
-1997 TV version with Brandy Norwood
-2013 Broadway version with Laura Osnes

The Ballgown
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella -- The Ballgowns

Between the four, there really is quite the variety of styles. Julie's ballgown is very elegant and the flow-y back looks really pretty on film as it floats behind her coming down the staircase. The neckline also really pretty, but the skirt part is a little too straight and simple for me, considering this is Cinderella and all. The long gloves add to the elegance as well.

Lesley's dress is probably my personal favorite of the four. The full flow-y skirt is my favorite part; I'm sure it felt wonderful to spin and dance in! And the beading, or whatever is adding the sparkle really adds to the elegance. I will admit I'm not a fan of the fur neckline, but I think it's growing on me, as I don't mind it as much now as when I first saw it.

Brandy's dress is my least favorite. I think the full skirt is perfect for a princess, but there's not really anything else I like. Since it's blue it makes me think of the Disney film, and I'm not a fan of the bodice one bit. The funny thing is though that now peplum is really popular.

Laura's dress definantley wins my vote for Best Cinderella Ball Gown. It's everything one would imagine Cinderella's dress to look like: big and poofy, and with lots of sparkle! I'm not diggin' the sleeves, though, but the rest makes up for that.

The Peasant Dress

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella -- The Peasant Dresses
When it comes to the everyday/housekeeping dress most of the versions are pretty similar, although Laura's is a bit different. Other than Julie, they all have something covering their head. Julie and Brandi have aprons over a simple dress. Julie's is my favorite; I like the darker apron and the Peter Pan collar is cute.

Lesley's outfit is a dress with a sleeved shirt underneath. The neckline looks kinda peasant blouse-ish. I really like the full skirt and the dark color.

Laura's is the most unique out of the bunch. I really like the colors in her outfit and it looks a little fancy-er than the others.

The Fairy Godmother

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella -- The Fairy Godmothers
It was really hard to find any photos of the Fairy Godmother in the 1957 version, so this is the best I could come up with. From what I can see I really like the cloak. It adds a fancy and dressy feel to it. They way her hair is done looks really pretty too and I love the necklace she's wearing.

There's not really anything I like about the 1965 version, other than the crown, which looks very delicate and pretty. I've never really cared for puffed sleeves and the whole cape looks rather odd to me.

In the 1997 version there isn't really anything I like, but there's nothing in particular I greatly dislike either. The best part is probably the detailing at the neckline.

The Broadway version would have to be my favorite. It's very unique and different and looks the best for a Fairy Godmother. The shimmery purple-y pink-y color really adds to it and makes it stand out from the others.


So those are my opinions of each outfit, but what do you think? Which ones are your favorites?
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  1. WOOOOOOOO I love costume comparisons!!! Laura's ball gown is hands-down my favorite, though if I had my way I'd raise the neckline and sleeves. Like, a lot. Sheesh. But the rest of it is so lovely and float-y.

    Julie's work dress is my favorite, with Laura's a close second, and the Broadway version is definitely the best of all the fairy godmother's outfits, without a doubt!

    1. We apparently have similar tastes in style, considering we both like the exact same dresses! I agree with you 'bout the neckline and sleeves. That particular photo makes the neckline look a kinda funny too, but it was one of the few front shots of the dress I could find.

  2. I prefer everything from the Broadway production, except for the ball gowns. I like Lesley Ann Warren's the very best (YAS ermine collar, YAS sparkly skirt, YAS huge crown!) followed by Julie Andrews's. And I've always loved Lesley Ann Warren's peasant costume!


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