March 20, 2014

Spring has Arrived

Or at least I hope it has. It's sunny today, but who knows what it will be like tomorrow. That's Washington for ya.

At least we finally have all the pretty flowers now.

Spring has Arrived | Ribbons Down My Back

March 17, 2014

Doctor Who :: Series 6

Doctor Who Series 6 Review | Ribbons Down My Back

My siblings and I just finished series 6 of Doctor Who and are eagerly waiting for series 7 to come in at the library. Just one more season + Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor before we're all caught up.

Eventually I'd like to do a review for every series, but since series six is fresh in my mind, I thought starting in the middle is better than not starting at all. So prepare yourself for Doctor Who awesome-ness!

Doctor Who Series 6 Review | Ribbons Down My Back
Just a precaution: there will be plenty of spoilers ahead! 

March 11, 2014


Birthday Cake | Ribbons Down My Back
Last week a was my birthday, which means I'm now two decades old. It feels kinda odd (I totally just spelled Ood there at first. Hehe!) to actually be 20. I guess I thought I would "feel" older when I reached this age. Not that I mind at all. I like having a birthday cake full of candles. ;)

March 6, 2014

Modern Minnie | Outfit

Modern Minnie | Ribbons Down My Back
You all know how much I love Disney, so for my birthday today I decided dress with a Minnie Mouse flare. Since discovering the Disney Style Blog I've been inspired to get more creative when wearing my Disney tees and this is my first attempt.
I went with a modern take on my favorite mouse. The black and red has a very Minnie vibe and all ties into the tee. The denim skirt is a recent find that I'm loving.

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