September 27, 2013

'Ten Minutes Ago' Comparison

Cinderella 1997

Ten Minutes Ago is probably the most well known song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, and is one of my personal favorites. I decided to do a comparison of the four different versions and see which one I liked best. 

The 1957 version with Julie Andrews:
(Starts at :53)

Although I like this version, it's not my favorite. 
Dancing scenes are my favorite, so I'm kinda sad that most of the song was them standing, but I'm happy they at least have them dancing near the end. At least they put more emotion into their characters while the were singing, unlike the 1965 version.


The 1965 version with Lesley Ann Warren:
(Starts at :32)

This one is definitely my least favorite. Is it just me or do they seem kinda stiff and odd while they're just standing there singing? 


The 1997 version with Brandy:
(Ends at 2:17)

I really, really like this version and think it might be my favorite. I like how they were dancing while they were singing; it makes it more interesting and more fairytale-like in my opinion. And the way they did the camera movements is really fun. I think I'm going to have this video on repeat for a while!

The Broadway version with Laura Osnes:

(starts at 3:38)

This one is definitely right up next to the 1997 version for me. I don't know if I could pick between the two, as it's hard to directly compare something done on film and stage, but this version is just so lovely. Again I like how they sang during the ballroom scene. Vocally, this is my favorite version. I really like the way Topher lifts Ella up and spins her. The whole thing is just beautiful!

Cinderella 1997

So those are my thoughts on the different versions. Now that you've seen them yourself, which ones are your favorite?Joining in on Celebrate Musicals Week at Yet Another Period Drama Blog.

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