September 1, 2014

Summer 2014


There weren't any big plans this year. No vacations; No big events. My first summer with a job. But it was still a fun and one of the best in years. Since growing up, summer hasn't been my favorite part of the year. I really enjoyed this one, though.

Some of the highlights:

-Went to the beach.
-Got sunburned really bad on my back and legs. Going to work the two days afterword were incredibly painful.
-Saw two movies in theater; Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy.
-Went to Snoqualmie Falls with Morg and her family. Then we hiked to Denny Creek and played in the glacier water. Then we went to Triple X Root Beer and played Concentration till our hands were red and stinging.
-Took lots of photos.
-Bought a Kindle.
-Worked a lot. Had a few eight day weeks, which are not fun at all. At least I have fun co-workers and bosses that make bearable.
-Had a lot of Monk, Doctor Who, and Criminal Minds marathons.
-Learned how to knit. And got addicted soon afterwards.

-Bought VSCO 01 for Lightroom. Best presets ever.
-Stayed home alone for several days.
-Had firepits in the backyard. Some with family and some with friends.
-Had a Doctor Who Tea Party
-Went on lots of shopping trips and bought way too much stuff.
-Became penpals with my friend Rose.
-Went to the film premier for a local film that my mom, sister, and I were extras in. Then got to visit with friends in the area who we don't get to see very often. All of our running around and dancing made me crazy sweaty, especially in the heat. It was so worth it though.
-Decided to start saving for a Canon 6D.
-Ate too much chocolate coconut ice cream from Trader Joe's.
-Saw several $1 family movies at Regal Cinemas.

Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back

Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
^^^ one of my favorite photos I've taken this year ^^^

Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
^^^ knitting my hat while sitting around the fire ^^^

Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
^^^ photo via Micah ^^^
Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My BackSummer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
 Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
Summer 2014 | Ribbons Down My Back
^^^ photo via Morg ^^^


How was your summer?


  1. It sounds like a fun summer! Your Barley hat looks great. :) I've knit several of those this summer, too (preparing for a craft fair this fall)...I love the whole "Simple Collection." Wish I'd had those patterns when I first started knitting! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with how the barley hat turned out. I love the Simple Collection too. So many great projects and I love the photo tutorials.

      I just cast on to my first sock today and I don't think it's going to be nearly as pretty as the hat... lol!

  2. What a fun summer, Sereina! Glad it was a good one for you and your family. My parent's gave me a tablet for my birthday which is my first (and only) experience with an e-reader. It's been interesting though overall, I think I like it - hope you are enjoying your Kindle! Yay for Doctor Who and Criminal Minds. Gotta' love both despite their vast differences. :)

    1. Yes, it was a fun one for sure. I haven't used my Kindle much (I really haven't done practically any reading at all this summer), but it's really nice. I've been collecting a lot of Kindle books for free, so it's nice to be able to read them.

      Didn't know you were a Criminal Minds fan, though I'm not surprised! I just started watching a few weeks ago since Netflix has all the seasons. I've been hooked since the beginning and am almost done with S2. And you already know how much I love DW. ;)

  3. These are some pretty rad photos! What is it about the pic of Phillip and Missy that you love so much- don't get me wrong it's a really cool photo!- just wondering what intrigues you about it :D

    1. Thanks! Well, cat photos always make me really, really happy. I think I'm becoming more of a cat lover the older I get. lol! Cat being held + looking at the camera + being in focus + causal non-posed look = favorite photo. All of those things don't usually happen in the same photo when a cat's involved. ;)


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