September 26, 2014

Hauls :: Target and Hobby Lobby

Today I have something new that I've never done before: a haul! I personally love seeing what other people buy and the great deals they find. It's a great way to discover new products and items! Today I have two hauls, one from Target on Monday and from Hobby Lobby yesterday.

Yes To... Haul from Target :: Ribbons Down My Back

First up, Target! I wasn't planning on getting anything when I went in, but you all know how that goes. ;) They had a spend $20 save $5 and spend $35 save $10 off coupon at the time, which was a great deal! That's why I ended up getting so much.

Yes To Tomatoes 3-Step Acne System - $19.99
This kit is a daily treatment to naturally fight acne. It contains a pore scrub, repair treatment, and roller ball spot stick. I'll to a full review after I've been using it for a month, but so far it seems to be helping.

Pomegranate SPF 15 Naturally Smooth Lip Balm - $2.99
I've been on the hunt for a perfect natural lip balm and this is one of the best ones I've tried so far!

Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Wipes - $5.99
Haven't tried these out yet, but I've been needing some wipes to remove all the makeup off my face.

Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub - Free
This was a free sample with the face wipes.

Hobby Lobby Haul  :: Ribbons Down My Back

Next up was Hobby Lobby. I went in for yarn and not only came out with that, but a bunch of Christmas stuff as well! Since I don't get to the craft store very often, and probably be able to make it once the holiday season rolls around, I decided to splurge a little.

I Love This Cotton! in Christmas and ??? - $2.66 each
I'm knitting fall and Christmas themed washcloths.

Blank Christmas Cards and Envelopes - $5.99 for 50
A bunch of different patterns that will be perfect for embellishing!

Twine - $1.99
For the cinnamon sticks.

Jingle Bells - $2.40
I'm not completely sure what I'll end up doing with these, but I'm thinking maybe I can attache them to some bobby pins for hair accessories.

Large Cinnamon Sticks - $5.99
To make cinnamon stick stars, tied together with twine at the joints.

"Noel" Decoration - $5.99


And that's it! Would you all be interested in more haul posts in the future? What fun items or deals have you found lately?


  1. Knitted Christmas washcloths? Now that is clever and yet so simple and quick. Thanks for the great idea! Will you be showing us the resulting washcloths? And the cinnamon stars too? Anything with cinnamon sounds heavenly. :)

    1. I love making anything fall and/or Christmas themed, so I thought why not washcloths. Super easy and practical, but a fun way to incorporate some of the seasons. Since you're interested I'll be sure to share the washcloths and cinnamon stars. :D


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