May 8, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Yesterday I did something I rarely do.

I saw a movie in the theater.


I know, I know. For most people going to see a movie isn't that big of a deal. But since A) there aren't that many movies I want to see that bad and B) I'd rather not part with my hard earned moolah, I don't make it to the theater often. However if you throw Spider-Man into the picture (plus $6.50 tickets), it's pretty much a no brainier for me.

So yes folks, I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday. In the theater, three days after it opened. I think that's a personal record.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review | Ribbons Down My Back

On to the movie... (Caution: Spoilers ahead!)

The movie was fantastic and Spidey is awesome as usual. I still think The Amazing Spider-Man is a better movie, but that might be partly due to how open ended they left it for the third film. Something I really liked was how Oscorp, Harry's parents, and the experiments Richard was working on were all tied together.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review | Ribbons Down My Back

They fit a lot into this film and we're introduced to more characters, including Harry Osborne. Oh how I wish they'd give him more screen time! I like what they did in this film with Harry and his character development so far. I just feel like they've missed out on a big opportunity with Harry (both in the original movies and this one). There's so much potential for a incredible story line focusing on Peter and Harry and their relationship as friends then foes. The scenes with Harry were some of the best parts and if they could just focus more on that and just dig deeper in general into Harry's side of things, I would be very pleased. 

*end of Harry rant*

Electro was okay. Nothing spectacular in my book. The Green Goblin scene was short, but there was so much already going on so I get that. And I was glad they kept the battle scene with Rhino brief.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review | Ribbons Down My Back

I was incredibly happy when Peter finally found out the truth about his father and his work in the video his dad made. They put more thought into the little details, like the spider experiment Richard Parker was working. It made sense that Peter was able to gain abilities since his fathers blood was used in the project, but it backfired on Harry.
Okay, now to get to the main spoiler: the scene when Gwen dies. It wasn't a surprise for me me, as after watching the first film I did some reading up and was pretty sure the movie was going to follow the comics from that perspective.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review | Ribbons Down My Back

Like I said earlier, they left everything really open ended, which makes me eager to see where they're going to take things next. Now that Peter knows why his parents disappeared and about the spider experiment I'm really curious to see if/what he decides to do with that knowledge. Plus I want to know where there going to take the story as far as Harry/Green Goblin is concerned. 

All in all, I still like Toby Maguire better as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but these new movies are really well done. It's a really fantastic movie and in my opinion is WAY better than the recent super hero films that have come out. I'm looking at you Thor 2 (meh) and Man of Steel (which made my list of least favorite movies of all time). 


  1. this looks really good i'll have to go see it

  2. Cool. Glad you enjoyed this one, Sereina. I'll see it eventually but - boo - knowing Gwen dies is a bummer. She and Peter were so cute together. I wondered if they would kill her off at some point (not a comic book reader) as I knew MJ was Peter's "main" squeeze in the Tobey flicks - which did something different, didn't they introduce her (as a kind of "threat" to Peter and MJ's love) in the final film...?

    1. Yeah, I never read the comics, but I know a little, thanks to Wikipedia. ;)

      I agree, Gwen and Peter were great together, although I never fully loved as a pair. I think I just like the original movies too much, that's all. My sisters are SO devastated about Gwen, though! They love Gwen so much better than MJ.

      Yup, they did have Gwen as a bit of a threat in Spider-Man 3, although she didn't play a major part in it. She was kinda forgettable in my opinion.


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