October 15, 2014

Yes to Tomatoes 3-Step Acne Kit Review

Yes to Tomatoes 3-Step Acne Kit Review :: Ribbons Down My Back

Acne. Nearly all of us deal with it, some of us more than others. I'm one of those that had many issues during my mid-teen years, and although it's mellowed out a bit now that I'm older (twenty to be exact), it's been giving me a fair share of trouble lately.

When I was a Target last month I saw they had the Yes to Tomatoes 3-Step Acne Bundle. It's $20 for three products, 
all of which contain salicylic acid and are petroleum, SLS, and paraben free. Most of you know how important natural health and beauty are for me, so seeing that it was a natural choice plus the fact that I've been very happy with other Yes to products I've used I decided to give it a go. I'm not usually one to impulse buy something like this, but it ended up being worth it for me!
Like I said I bought mine at Target, but it is also sold at Yes toAmazon, and Walmart. If you go to the In Store Coupon section of the Yes To site, you can get $3 off any Yes To purchase of $6 or more.

Before I tell you how it works, here's a bit about my skin:
I have oily skin that tends to break out mainly on my chin, jawbone, and temples/forehead. The type of acne I usually get is the kind with white pus underneath the surface. To wash my face I use a washcloth and water, so no soap or face wash.

Yes to Tomatoes 3-Step Acne Kit Review :: Ribbons Down My Back

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub 
This is a gentle scrub that uses ground mango seeds and bamboo to exfoliate. It contains 2% salicylic acid to fight acne, along with ginger and tomato to help with redness and irritation and is 99% natural. Most scrubs aren't made to be used every day, but since this one is really easy on the skin and I can see it being used daily like recommended. It has an interesting smell that's hard to describe, but isn't very strong or noticeable unless you're trying to smell it.

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment
This comes in a bottle with pump and cap and it like the consistency of a moisturizer. You apply it to areas that you're prone to breaking out. For me that's my chin, tops of my cheeks, temples, and forehead. It contains 1% salicylic acid, so it may dry out your skin, although It hasn't been an issue for me, probably because I have very oily prone skin. If you use a moisturizer it can go on after this Repair Treatment (there's even a Yes To Tomatoes Moisturizer if you're on the lookout for one).

Yes to Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Stick
This is one of the best parts of the kit, the spot stick. It contains 2% salicylic acid, so it can really combat acne spots, along with with ginger root and tomato to help with the redness. It's also 97% natural. I find this stuff highly effective. In the morning I'll put it on any trouble spots and it significantly helps with the redness. If I remember to put it on twice a day, the spot will be mostly in a couple days, depending on how bad the blemish is. Since it has a roller ball it applies really easy.

Overall this kit has a huge help for me. Even after using it for just a few days I noticed a difference. My face is a lot less red and if I keep up with the routine when any new spots appear, I can usually keep it from getting any worse. I've found that it's makes the biggest difference when I'm using it every day. Since I only shower every other day, often I don't end up doing this on the days I don't shower, and although it helps significantly, it's much more effective when used daily. I like that it's natural, reasonably priced, and gets the job done.


  1. I've been using this kit for about 2 weeks and I'm loving it! Great review, and isn't the packaging so happy? I love how bright and cute it is ;)

    1. Neat to know you're loving it as well! I haven't tried a single Yes to product that I've disliked yet. I wholeheartedly agree, the packing is the best. :D

      Happy to have you drop by, Kellie!


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