October 2, 2014

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars :: Ribbons Down My Back

Dancing with the Stars is a show I've watched off and on over the years. Last season when I saw they were doing a Disney Night I promptly set up the DVR and ended up watching the rest of that season. It's one of those shows that's more interesting when I know at least a few of the stars, so when I saw that Alfonso Ribeiro, who you may know as Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was going to be on this season I got super excited. I love The Carlton and I could always relate to being short like Carlton. (I'm always getting lots of short jokes thrown at me. :P).

Week 3 performances were on Monday and we already have two perfect scores. Seriously, there is so much talent this season! There hasn't really been anyone that's terrible and even the ones who aren't doing as well seem like they have so much potential. It's so fun to see such fantastic performances so early on in the season.

My favorites this season are:
-Alfonso & Whitney. But I think you already knew that. ;)
-Lea & Artem. Lea played Lorraine McFly in Back to the Future.
-Sadie & Mark. I don't watch Duck Dynasty, but I really like Sadie!
-Bethany & Derek. Bethany is a YouTube vlogger that I'd never heard of before.

Dancing with the Stars :: Ribbons Down My Back

This week was Movie Night, which I was so looking forward to when I heard some of the songs they would be doing. There were classics like Singin' in the Rain and West Side Story, Pixar's Up, and Back to the Future.

My favorite dance of the night. Sadie and Mark did a waltz to Married Life from Up. They scored a 32 out of 40, which I personally thought should have been a little higher, especially considering all the good things the judges had to say.

Some of highlights of the night were:

Janel & Val's Jazz Number from West Side Story (they got the first perfect score of the season!)
Bethany & Derek's Jazz Number from Singin' in the Rain (they got a 40 as well)
Alfonso & Whitney's Quickstep from Austen Powers

If you want to see all of the dances from Week 3, check out this playlist from the DWTS YouTube page.

Dancing with the Stars - Movie Night :: Ribbons Down My Back

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? If so, who's your favorite couple?
Also, would you be interested in seeing a recap like this every few weeks?


  1. Yes, I'm a DWTS addict. ;) Love it quite a lot and like you, I enjoyed many of the performances this past week. Derek and Bethany's was of course charming, but I had to stick with Sadie and Mark's as the best because... aw! Plus, I like to support those who are more conservative, and while I don't watch Duck Dynasty either, I know they're a Christian family - and I agree! Those two should have gotten MUCH higher scoring, but then, this is what the judges do. It's kind of sad.

    1. Yay, another fan! I completely agree with everything you said. Sadie is so sweet and she's such a natural on the dance floor! I too like supporting other Christians and people with good values. I liked Bethany and Derek's number, but I don't feel like it deserved a perfect score. I totally agree with the 40 on the West Side Story number, though.

      I just saw on Instagram that Alfonso will be doing The Carlton on Monday. I literally was jumping up and down when I saw that! lol! When I first heard he was going to be on the show, I was hoping he would incorporate that into one of this dances.

  2. The only reason I started watching some of DWTS is because of Bethany Mota- I've been following her for a year :D She's a good dancer, and I loved her singing in the rain dance. I LOVE Sadie too!! She's a great dancer! I feel like she was underscored for her UP waltz.. :/

    1. Awesome that you're watching too! Yeah, I'd never heard of Bethany before, but she's turning out to be a really good dancer. Her Singin' in the Rain dance was good. And I agree about Sadie's dance being underscored. It was so good!


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