April 18, 2014

Meet My Tamron

Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My Back

Last Friday I was weeding through my Amazon wishlists (seriously. I have way too much stuff on there) when I saw the price for the lens I was planning on purchasing next: $418. This particular lens I've had on my wishlist for over a year and hadn't seen it fluctuate more than a few dollars from $500. Talk about a deal! Since I already had a large chunk of the money saved up, and since it was $80 off I was able to make the numbers work and ordered it just a few minutes later!

By Thursday afternoon I was holding this in my hand.

Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My Back

Ain't it purdy?

Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My Back

It's the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. I first heard about this lens from Tom on the Disney Tourist Blog. He's written reviews on different lenses, this one included. Since getting my DSLR I've done a bit of reasearch to decided what lens work best for me at the parks when we go on our Disneyland trips (along with other traveling) and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Basically this is a better version of the kit lens than comes with DSLR's. Since I mainly shoot with primes (love my 50mm and use the 35mm when I want a wider angle), so having a good all around lens for when we're spending time out and about or when traveling was something that I've been needing.

Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My Back

Some of you may be wondering why I went with Tamron vs Sony. The only reason was the cost. At $800, the Sony counterpart is nearly twice the price of the Tamron. There isn't a big enough difference in quality for me to justify paying nearly $400 more for the same lens. This is my first Tamron lens, and even though I've only had it a day, I'm impressed so far.
Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My BackI haven't taken a lot of photos yet, but so far it's really fantastic. Having a lens I can take some selfies with is always fun. ;)

Meet My Tamron | Ribbons Down My Back

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  1. Hi Sereina! Just discovered your blog and have had so much fun poking around it! ;) One thing I noticed was that we share a lot of favorite movies and shows. ;) Please check out my blog and follow!


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