November 7, 2013

What Do Bananas, Sparkles, and Novels Have in Common?

Absolutely nothing. But that's what you'll find in this post. Just a few random topics on this dreary Thursday afternoon. And so it begins...

My siblings and I decided randomly on Monday to watch Doctor Who and now we're hooked. Even though I had never seen a single episode, I was really familiar with it 'cause of Pinterest. I already know all the famous quotes and lots of spoilers, but that doesn't take the fun out of it one bit. But now I'll never be able to look at mannequins, banana, or screwdrivers the same.

We finished the first series last night and also watched the first episode with Ten, The Christmas Invasion. I loved Nine, he was fantastic (ha!), but I think I'm going to like Ten just a wee bit more. What can I say, David Tennant is just plain awesome.

This sums up what happened to my siblings and I:

Doctor Who: Before and After

Now I just need a sonic screwdriver...

I could keep going on and on about all the neat things in Doctor Who, but I think I'll save that for a post of it's own! It might be a little while before I actually post it (I wanna watch more episodes with Ten first!), but just know that it's in the works.


Fall Leaves and Sparkly Shoes

Another favorite iPod photo. Sparkly shoes (my mom calls them my Wizard of Oz shoes, even though they're not red), colorful tights, and fall leaves. 


Historical Fiction Novels

In one months time I've managed to read three novels. I think that's a personal record, as I've never been a fast reader. My list of books to read is waaayyyy longer than what I'll ever be able to get to, but at least I have no shortage of suggestions when I am ready for a good book! The books I read are:

On Distant Shores by Sarah Sundin
Sarah is my all time favorite historical fiction author. Here stories are set in WWII, one of my favorite eras, and I've read all five of her books. You really get deep into the characters minds and they seem so real. By the end of each book, you feel like you actually know the characters. With Every Letter was my favorite, but then I read On Distant Shores and I think it would have to take it's place. Now I'm looking forward treading In Perfect Time, which comes out next summer.

Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus
This one had been on my to read list for years and when I saw it sitting on the library shelf I finally gave it a go. The first half was kinda slow and doesn't skip ahead and do a recap of things that happen, which made it seem kinda long. But other than that I was a good read. There were many characters which kept things interesting, yet it wasn't overwhelming or confusing. I also really liked Julia, the main character. Right now I'm reading the second book, Ransome's Crossing.

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport
This book wasn't the most amazing book ever, but it wasn't bad. It was worth reading once and am glad I did. Although I liked the characters, I feel you didn't get to know them as well as you could have. I thought Olivia's writing style was fantastic, though, and I am planning on reading the second book in the series. 


  1. I am going to be starting Doctor Who again at some point :D Then we can fan girl together ;) I am going to have to read these books of yours :D I loooove historic fiction :D I like your wizard of oz shoes ;) Yeah I dont trust mannequins either :/ ;)

    1. Yes, and you should soon! Then there can be some major fangirling during our video chats. ;)

      You really, really need to read one of Sarah Sundin's books. Then after you do we can compare thoughts. :)

  2. So you finally got hooked on Doctor Who, haha. Isn't it amazing??(:
    Those shoes are so pretty! They do remind me of The Wizard of Oz--you know, in the book the shoes were silver. I guess they changed them for the movie because they would really pop in the color film.(:
    Ooh, I think I'll probably have to look up that On Distant Shores book. It sounds really good!

    decked out in ruffles

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I've seen people raving about David Tennant on Pinterest for years now, and always wondered how everyone loved him so much. Now I know why. :D

      Thanks! And they're actually really comfortable too. I think I heard that once, but I totally forgot! I've never read the book and only saw the movie for the first time this year.

      If you like historical fiction, you should totally check her books out! On Distant Shores is the second book in the series, but they work fine as stand alone books (although they're much more fun if you read them in order!).

  3. 1 - I recently watched S5 as my first intro to Doctor Who and yep, fell in love with Eleven. He's awesome. Plus who could NOT like Amy Pond and Rory!? I mean, they are TOO cool. ;)

    2 - Hey! Your shoes may not be red, but ya' got the red-ish tights.

    3 - I liked Olivia's novel well enough however I never felt like we got to know the men in the heroine's lives well enough; just recently I finished the series and while they're sweet Edwardian novels, they're not the best in their genre.

    REALLY fun post! :)

    1. Awesome-sauce! We've going through them all in order, even though there are a couple future episodes I really want to see.

      Good point; I never thought of it that way!

      I so agree! I wasn't able to put my finger on it before, but now that you point it out, that's totally what's missing! If we had gotten to know them better, I think it would have been a wonderful novel!

    2. Cool! I sure hope you wind up liking the rest of the DW episodes, Sereina. Usually I *have* to go in order also, but I started with Eleven... though I am not sure why. Just ordered a couple of the Christmas episodes too so I'm excited to watch those! :)

    3. I'm sure I will! The Christmas episodes should be fun! I'm just trying to avoid anything from the new 50th Anniversary Special coming out on the 23rd, so I don't spoil anything from episodes I haven't seen yet.


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