January 14, 2014

Disney's 'Frozen' Headed to Broadway

That's right folks, Disney's latest hit, Frozen, is headed to the Big Apple.

Disney's 'Frozen' Headed to Broadway | Ribbons Down My Back

The fact that they've decided so soon to turn Frozen it into a musical surprised me, but adapting it for the stage is not a big shocker for me. In my opinion Frozen had Broadway written all over it.

No time frame has been set for this adaption yet and Walt Disney CEO says "We're not demanding speed. We're demanding excellence". We've got a few years at least before this favorite hits the stage.

But the big question is, who will be cast in the leading roles? Since several of the actors are already Broadway stars it will interesting to see if they try and keep the cast close to the original or go for something completely new.

So, what do you think? And who would you like to see cast in the lead roles?


  1. Give me one more reason to take my daughter to NYC.

  2. Hi, Sereina! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my Wordpress blog :)

    I was so excited that they had Frozen headed to Broadway. Since I live about two hours away from Portland, Oregon, home to Keller Auditorium (where they show Broadway shows for a lot less than Broadway price!), I'm very much hoping that it comes to Portland sometime :)

    I believe I heard that Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff at the very least were to be reprising their roles as Elsa and Kristoff. I hope, anyway :)


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