December 11, 2013

NYX Haul

NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

On my last Amazon order I added in the NXY blush in Pinched and the Natural Eye Shadow Palette. I've really been enjoying both products, so when NXY was having the fall sale on their website I filled up my basket with some fun new items to try. Since it was my first order I used their 25% off your first purchase code and spent $25 so I could get free shipping. So between all those deals, I really scored!

The main reason I made the purchase was because of the Eye Shadow Singles. Regularly they're $4.50, but the sale price was $1.00 each. Score! I ended up with five colors:
NYX Single Eyeshadows | NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

Deep Bronze, Walnut, White Pearl, Frosted Ocean, and Frosted Lilac.

When it comes to makeup I go for the simple and natural look, so that's why I got Walnut and Deep Bronze. Since they were so cheap I decided to go with a few colorful ones, Frosted Lilac and Frosted Ocean, to play and experiment with. White Pearl was one I got just 'cause it never hurts to have a white/neutral color that goes with everything. It even looks really good on it's own; it has a soft and subtle shimmy look.

Another eye shadow I got was the Love in Rio Palette in Bikini Bottom. It's regularly $6.00, but was on sale for $3.00. It's kinda hard to tell in the photo, but the left color is a soft pink. All three colors are have shimmer in them and they look so pretty once applied!

NYX Love in Rio Palette in Bikini Bottom | NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

I wanted to get something with more sparkly and shimmery for special occasions, particularly with Christmas coming up. I went with the Glam Shadow in Soprano, which was $4.50. Once applied it's not too glittery, but it's a nice warm color that I really like.

NYX Glam Shadow in Soprano | NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

I really loved the Blush I had previously bought in Pinched, so I decided to try a couple more. The colors I chose were Rose Garden, which is very close to Pinched, but just a bit brighter/pinker, and Terra Cotta, which is more like a bronzer. The blushes were $5.00 each.

NYX Blushes in Rose Garden and Terra Cotta | NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

The concealer I purchased was the Incredible Waterproof Concealer Stick in Fair, which was $5.00. Although I haven't used any other concealer before, I've been happy with this product. I like that it's a stick, making it really easy to apply.
NYX Eye Pencil, Lip Liner, and Concealer | NYX Haul on Ribbons Down My Back

On occasion I'll wear lipstick, usually when I'm going for a vintage look, so since the Lip Liner Pencils were on sale for $1.75, which are regularly $3.50, I decided to give it a go. I also got the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. People in the reviews section said it was great to use as a base before putting on eye shadow, so that's what I got it for. That was $4.50.

And that's everything! All in all I spent $25 on $56 worth of product. I've been really happy with the products I've used so far, with the Love in Rio Palette being my favorite.

Have you used any NYX products before? If so, what did you think?


  1. sweeeeet! I love looking at make-up!!!!

  2. cute blog!! Now following <3

    i hope you can stop by and return the favor.

  3. You should do a makeover and post pics :D


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